Company profile

Yona Engineering Consulting & Management Ltd., established in 1992, is an engineering company that specializes in transportation infrastructure including roads, airport runways, and railroad tracks. Since its founding, Yona has been one of the leading companies in its fields of specialization, with customers supported by a team of expert engineers utilizing the most advanced equipment and software available in local and global markets.

The company’s executives believe that the best way to ensure the success of a project is to provide the right combination of knowledge, experience and engineering assessment ‒ while demonstrating sensitivity to the customer’s constraints or limitations regarding the specific project. Yona encourages the curiosity and creativity of its employees as a key to professional improvement in a field that presents interesting engineering challenges.

The company has developed, in-house, cutting-edge engineering tools including:

  • The YonaPave software for structural assessment and determination of the overlay thickness required for reinforcement of flexible pavement, using non-destructive testing (NDT) of deflection basins with the FWD device.
  • The SmartVision family of software programs that combines GIS components, digital video, and engineering and financial models.

These tools are used in a wide range of projects for the leading institutions in Israel (Public Works Department/Israeli Department of Transportation, Air Force, municipalities, councils and authorities), as well as in many projects abroad. The main benefits derived from these tools are:

  1. Transportation Asset Management
  2. Pavement Management for the maintenance of pavement for airport runways, roads, urban streets and public open spaces
  3. Acceptance tests for new projects (structural integrity, ride comfort, safety, road assets)
  4. Operational quality control utilizing "before" and "after" comparisons (feedback) synchronized on the same geographical location

Areas of activity

Yona is engaged in a variety of activities in the field of road engineering, including:

  1. Hands-on management and supervision of paving and development projects in general (Klivenov and Bodenheimer - Bar-Rav - Hay-David complex in Haifa, works on Road 16, intersections on Road 446 and the Rosh Ha'ayin interchange for Israel Department of Transportation), and asphalt works in particular (scrubbing, resurfacing and patching work, amounting to hundreds of millions of shekels)
  2. Quality control and management (expansion of the Nevatim Base, sections 18, 19 and 20 of the Trans-Israel Highway, Begin Boulevard South in Jerusalem, Yuvalim neighborhood in Kiryat Shmona for the Ministry of Construction and Housing)
  3. Conducting surveys and engineering studies (Pavement Management System, Inventory Surveys)
  4. Planning and structural assessment of pavement (roads, train tracks, and airport runways)
  5. Writing general specifications (Trans-Israel Highway Company, Public Works Department/Israel Department of Transportation, Air Force/Ministry of Defense) and many specifications in the area of paving
  6. Development of paving technologies (hot and cold recycling, coal ash) and paving materials (advanced asphalt mixtures ‒ Israeli version of Super Pave level 1, porous asphalt, stone mastic asphalt)
  7. Membership in Standards Committees as well as the Chairmanship of the Expert Committee for Israeli Standard 362 for Asphalt